Program Experience


Remote Monitoring System:

  • VHF Radio Monitoring System for 24 buoys and 2 leading lights (Red Sea Port Authority)
  • UHF Radio Monitoring System for 16 buoys (Dummitta Port Authority)
  • VHF Radio Monitoring System for 9 beacons and 2 leading lights, Hurghada Port (PLA)
  • Satellite Monitoring System for 4 beacons, 2 buoys, and leading light (Nouebeaa Port)

Aids to Navigation:

  • Mediterranean Sea 2nd Phase (PLA)
  • El Arish Port Project & Sharm El Shikh (PLA)
  • Gulf of Suez Project (PLA)
  • Suez, Adabia Port (SUEZ PORT AUTHORITY)
  • North Ain Sukhna Port (SUEZ PORT AUTHORITY)
  • Dummitta Port enterance channel (Dummitta Port Authority)
  • National dGPS for the Mediterranean and Red Seas


  • HF Radio network (Maritime Poluation Centers)
  • MF Radio beacon network (Positioning System)
  • Serabium Maritime warning center
  • GSM network activities
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